Never been to a Murder Mystery before?

You will arrive dressed to impress as your assigned character. You will receive a VIP lanyard with your name tag and your Act cards. Act cards are for your eyes only and will give you background, clues and fun missions to complete during that Act.

When you join the party, feel free to mingle out of character and get to know your fellow actors. Have a drink, relax and wait for the action to begin. You will be instructed when to open your Act cards and start the game.

Each Act is a half hour long. That means you only have a half hour to complete the actions in your Act cards! Make sure to work the room and learn as much about the other characters as possible. Your goal is to figure out who the murderer is so collect as many clues as you can.

In Act Three we will round up the characters in a circle and ask them to guess who the murderer is and why. The murderer will point their finger at someone else, keeping everyone guessing. In the grande finale, the Diva will then announce who the murderer is. You never know, it could be you!