The Reality TV Starlet

You are an immensely successful Hollywood heavy hitter who is famous for doing nothing. You love the spotlight and find your way into every photograph being taken.


Sleek & bold, not shy to show a little skin and always. Think tight, black, fur, sparkles and gold. Your favorite accessory is your cell phone - you never miss an opportunity to take a selfie!

The Celebrity Stylist


As a professional coiffeur, you have an opinion about everyone’s fashion sense and are not shy telling them what you think. You’ve been dressing celebrities for decades and have become one yourself.


Don't be afraid to be a trend maker and chose bold pieces that make people take a second look. As the expert in the field, you are expected to be accessorized to the hilt.

The Former Child Star

Once the talk of the town, you are a hard partying child star has fallen out of public’s favor by your reputation of getting blitzed and constant run-ins with the law.

Jealous of anyone on top, you are very interested in impressing the Super Agent who can get your career back on track.


Disheveled and maybe even a little bit trashy, your favorite accessory is a wine glass. Oh, and your lovely home arrest ankle bracelet of course.